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Mar 1st, 2011

For the last 10 years James and I have earned our living via and through the internet.

So one day, it seemed a good idea to explore the theory of the mobile office. The theory goes that if one has a laptop and an internet connection, it should not matter where one is physically. And that one does not really need a bricks-and-mortar office with a chair and a filing cabinet full of paper records…..?

We shall find out.

For this is the year we go travelling (with laptops) to those places we would never normally have time to visit. We will try to combine work and travel. We have planned to go and live briefly in some of the places we have always dreamed about – Florence for the art, the country in the south of France for the romantic history of the Templars and their Holy Grail. Paris, for the civilisation, the food and the far flung family members. England and Scotland for the relatives – and the old friends who departed Zimbabwe and are now exiled from their African homes. It will be spring and summer in the northern hemisphere for most of our trip.

Some of our clients live in far-away places. Some we have never even met, although it certainly feels as though we have. Maybe now we will?

Why, some may ask, is this blog called 301? Well apologies to the geeks to whom this message on their computer screen means ‘Permanently Moved” – we haven’t really gone for good. It’s just that the storage facility where we have stashed all our furniture and other worldly goods back in SA, is numbered 301.


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  • Vee

    07 Apr 2011

    Hey, the Vleibours came 7th out of 27 last quiz! Our best effort ever (and my last game til I come home!)

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